Write Your Worth Package:  

This is a 90-day step-by-step membership program designed to assist you in writing your book with accountability, experience book coaching, and join a community of like-minded aspiring authors. This course will cover concept, content, and creation of your manuscript.  ONLY writing and developing the content in preparation for publishing will be covered in this course.  Your investment:  $997.00

Publish Me Now Package: 
This is a 30-day step-by-step membership program to assist you in publishing and launching or relaunching your book effectively. This course will cover a step by step publishing and launching process designed to help the aspiring author become a #1 bestseller on Amazon.  Dr. Jones currently holds a 100% success record on launching Amazon best sellers.  MANUSCRIPT MUST BE COMPLETED  Your investment: $4,997

Publish Me NOW+ Package:
This is a 90 day step-by-step membership program to assist you in publishing OR republishing your ebook and paperback book, learning strategies for effective launching and marketing your book, selling your book, and getting a return on your investment (ROI).   In this program, you will explore how authors can further protect their book and their book business brand and explore multiple methods of repurposing your book for profit. 

For your one-time investment of $9,997.00 (with manuscript)  

For your one-time investment of $14,997.00 (without manuscript)