Fred Jones

Speaker / Author /  Coach   World’s only Worthologist!

I help ladies to walk in their worth, value their voice, and share their story.  


“Me seen here on my 45 second date with Oprah, along with all my chaperones and body guards” Hah Ha Hah!

Frederick D. Jones J.D., writing coach and publishing strategist, helps high achievers, visionary women, ministers, and families to share their stories, value their voices, preserve legacy, and transfer wealth from one generation to the next. Recently, more than 19 of his private coaching clients, whose professions include attorneys, physicians, entrepreneurs, professors, housewives, pastors, and corporate CEO’s have published bestselling books and became #1 in more than 30 categories on Amazon’s charts.  He is the creator of Write Your Worth, Master Self-Publishing And Build Your Empire.

As a writer, professor, and publishing strategist, he has published seven bestselling books, both traditionally and professionally and is a multiple, Amazon #1 best selling author, attorney, and professor.